Microsoft Office XP - Customize Your Default AutoShape Colors And Styles To Avoid Repetitive Formatting (PowerPoint 2002)

If you don't often use PowerPoint's default green or blue colors for AutoShape fills, you can change it so that every time you create an AutoShape in the future, it's automatically a different color in the active presentation. To do this, draw and format an AutoShape--you can change its color, line color, line thickness, and even give it a shadow. Now, select your newly formatted AutoShape, click the Draw button on the Drawing toolbar, and choose Set AutoShape Defaults. (In PowerPoint 2001, choose Format AutoShape from the Draw menu, click on the Colors and Lines tab in the resulting Format AutoShape dialog box, select the Default For New Objects check box below the Arrows panel, and then click OK.) Finally, save your presentation. Now, every time you work in the saved presentation, the formatting attributes you gave your AutoShape will automatically be applied to each new AutoShape you create. (Don't worry, these attributes have become the default settings for the active presentation only--not any new presentations you create--and can easily be edited using the drawing tools.)

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