Microsoft Office XP - How To Remove The Underline From A Text Hyperlink (PowerPoint 2002)

By default, when you assign a hyperlink to existing text on slide, the text appears during your presentation with the underline format. This is often a good way to differentiate it from normal text, but sometimes the slide's design or the manner in which you wish to give the presentation benefits from a concealed hyperlink. And if you've ever tried to highlight the text on the slide and then reformat it, you know that this method won't get rid of the underline.

But there's a way to rid your hyperlinked text of the underline format:

  • First, remove the existing hyperlink by simply selecting the text on the slide, right-clicking on it
  • Choosing Hyperlink | Remove Hyperlink from the shortcut menu
  • Since there's no longer a hyperlink assigned to the text, the underline format disappears
  • Next, select the text box (rather than the text within the text box)
  • Press [Ctrl]K or right-click on it
  • Choose Hyperlink from the shortcut menu to display the Insert Hyperlink dialog box
  • Then, simply add the desired hyperlink as you normally would and click OK

Now, when you view your slide show, your text won't be underlined, yet when you click anywhere in the text box, you'll be brought to the destination you assigned to the text box in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

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