Adobe InDesign - Access Info About Placed Image Files In InDesign (CS)

The Links palette isn't the only place you can access vital information about image files placed in your InDesign documents. The Info palette is a great resource too.

  • Select a page item and the Info palette displays all sorts of things - from the item's x- and y-coordinates to its outer dimensions
  • You can also find basic information - such as file format, file size, and color space - for a selected image from here
  • Or choose File Info from the Info palette-s pop-up menu to view embedded metadata in the File Information For [filename] dialog box

Additionally, you can click in a text frame with the Type tool to view the number of characters, words, lines, and paragraphs in the story. Overset text is indicated by a plus sign (e.g., Characters: 270+178).

Lastly, you can change the ruler units to something other than what you have set in Preferences. To do so, simply click on the crosshairs to the left of the X and Y fields and then choose a unit system from the resulting pop-up menu.

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