Macromedia - Keep Your Color Scheme Intact (Dreamweaver 4/MX)

When working on your site in Dreamweaver, it's a good idea to always have the Assets panel handy, if not for the convenience of having all of your common elements available, then simply to make sure you aren't straying away from your designed color scheme.

The colors tab, is available when you:

  • Choose Window > Assets
  • Select the Colors palette
  • By clicking the Colors button, stores only the colors currently used on your site

As long as you define the color of elements only from this panel, you can always make sure you aren't introducing in variations that will mess up the color scheme that you worked so hard to get right.

If you want to create a set of colors specifically for a particular section of the site, you can add them to the Favorites section of the Assets panel. Just select the color and click the Add To Favorites button at the bottom of the palette.

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