Microsoft Access - Temporarily Show All Table Fields In An Access Query (97/2000/2002)

When you're designing a query, you'll often find that you need to temporarily view fields from the underlying tables beyond the ones you want shown in the final result. To do so, you probably drag the relevant fields to the design grid and then delete them when you're done. However, there's an easier way to view the data that you typically want excluded in the query. To do so:

  • Open the query in Design view
  • Click in the top pane of the window and then click the Properties button to open the query's properties sheet. (You can also right-click in the top pane and choose Properties from the shortcut menu.)
  • Set the Output All Fields property to Yes, close the properties sheet, and run the query
  • Data from all of the underlying tables' fields will be displayed in addition to the fields you specified in the query design grid
  • To change the query so that it only displays the fields explicitly selected in the query design grid, simply reset the Output All Fields property to No

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