Adobe Illustrator - Get The Real Size Of Your Objects (10/CS/CS2)

Once you apply a stroke, the size of your object may not be what it seems. The Transform palette may indicate that you have a rectangle that's 50 points wide. However, if you applied a stroke, the rectangle is really larger than 50 points. This discrepancy exists because the Transform palette measures the actual size of the path and ignores any size it gains from an appearance, such as a stroke. This means that a rectangle with a 2-point stroke and one with a 10-point stroke are the same size as far as the Transform palette is concerned.

If you want to know an object's true size, you need to enable Preview Bounds in Illustrator's Preferences. To do so:

  • Choose Illustrator > Preferences > General
  • In the resulting dialog box, select the Use Preview Bounds check box, and then click OK

If you have a 50-point rectangle with a 6-point stroke, you'll see the rectangle's true size of 56 points wide.

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