Adobe InDesign - Control How You Scale Stroked Objects

Prior to InDesign CS, when you scaled an object with the Free Transform or Scale tool, the stroke weight scaled too—whether you wanted it to or not. Two little-known options added to in InDesign since the release of CS, however, allow more control over how you scale and transform objects.

First, you can now choose whether you want strokes to scale at all. Strokes are set to scale by default. Second, you can return scaled objects to 100 percent of their original size.

To scale an object's fill and stroke:

  1. Choose Scale Strokes from the Transform palette or Control palette pop-up menu
  2. Select the Scale or Free Transform tool in the Toolbox
  3. Scale your object as usual

The difference between scaling an object with the Scale Strokes command on or off is shown in Figure C. When scaling strokes, be aware that the increase in size isn't reflected in the Weight value that displays in the Stroke palette. You can also scale an object with the Selection tool, but the stroke doesn't scale, regardless of whether the Scale Strokes command is selected.

To reset scaling to 100 percent:

  1. Select the object that you scaled while the Scale Strokes option was selected
  2. Choose Reset Scaling To 100% from either the Transform palette or Control palette pop-up menu

This restores the original proportions of the object's fill and stroke.

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