Adobe PageMaker - Linking Graphics in PageMaker

Linking Graphics in PageMaker

PageMaker is set up to embed picture and graphics inside the document by default. While this might seem helpful, it causes the file to get very large. We have even seen a single PageMaker documents that was too large to get onto a CDR disk. It was over 700 Mb! You can imagine how difficult this file was to move around and how much time it took to open or to save. What is more, when the pictures and graphics files are embedded they cannot be easily changed if edits or retouching become necessary. Thus, it is always a good idea to link your pictures and graphics files rather than to embed them.

To setup PageMaker to link placed images by default:

  1. Close all open documents
  2. Go to the Menu > Element > Link Options
  3. Uncheck the Graphics option: "Store copy in publication"
  4. Quit and restart PageMaker. PageMaker will now automatically link to images in all new jobs

To change an existing document to Link to images that are currently stored inside the document:

  1. Open the document
  2. Go to Menu > File > Links Manager
  3. Select each image one at a time and click Options
  4. Uncheck the Graphics option: "Store copy in publication"

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