Macromedia - Create Quality Images For The Web

Images add flair and color to every site, but they can slow load times and hurt the overall appearance site if they're not optimized correctly. Here are a few tips for making better use of images on the web:

  • -Use the Optimize To Size function in Fireworks to automatically optimize an image; this will meet a target file size.
  • -Limit your use of dithering since it increases file size.
  • -GIFs are best for flat colors, such as logos. JPEGs are good for photo images. Keep in mind that you can use GIFs as thumbnails for JPEGs.
  • -Avoid ant aliasing text since this can increase file size and actually make text harder to read. Ant aliased edges add extra colors and make the image's size harder to reduce.
  • -Reduce an image's dimensions to decrease file size. Keep an image's resolution at 72 DPI, as the onscreen quality doesn't necessarily improve at higher resolutions.

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