Macromedia - Changing History In Dreamweaver 4/MX

Dreamweaver tracks all of the actions you perform in your Web document. To view these saved actions:

  • Select Window > History (Window > Others > History in MX), which opens the all-knowing History panel

Dreamweaver saves each action as a separate step. Sorting through the steps is made easier when you view the icons shown at the beginning of the listing. The icons usually correspond to the action icon in the Toolbox, so it's easy to find an inset Table action and tell it apart from a Font Color action.

The History panel gives you the ability to undo certain steps or repeat a series of steps on a new object. Every open Web page has its own unique history. However, you can share histories between documents, as we'll show you. Closing a Web page or quitting Dreamweaver clears the history lists from the document.

There's a limit to how many actions the History panel records. By default, Dreamweaver tracks up to 50 steps--once you exceed this limit, Dreamweaver deletes the oldest steps. The number of steps you need to save depends on how you like to work, but remember that saving these actions takes up memory. If you'd like to increase or decrease the number of steps saved in the History panel:

  • Select Edit > Preferences
  • Click on General in the Category list box
  • In the Maximum Number Of History Steps text box, you can increase or decrease the number of steps to suit your needs
  • When you're done
  • Click OK to apply your changes

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