Visual Basic - Combine Projects And Assemblies In One Solution To Better Manage Them (VB .NET)

The most common type of DLL .NET developers create is a private assembly. Private assemblies are considered private because they exist in the same folder as the program that references them. Although you can store the assembly source anywhere you want, to make your life easier you should create a solution that contains both the assembly and the client project. This serves two purposes.

First, it'll make it easier for you to see what private assemblies your project uses. When you add an assembly project to a solution, VS .NET separates it from other assemblies by placing it on the Projects tab of the References dialog window.

Second, you won't have to worry if the client has the latest version of the assembly because .NET will make sure this is the case every time you build the solution.

To create the combined solution, you can simply launch Visual Studio .NET:

  • Select File | New | Blank Solution from the menu
  • After you select a name and location for the solution
  • Use the File | Add Project | Existing Project menu option to add your application project and assembly project to the solution

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