Active Server - My ASP Page Is Timing Out! What Do I Do?

It's just a fact of Web development that some ASP pages take longer to execute than others. Often, the culprit is heavy database or COM component activity. Of course, you'll want to try and minimize the amount of time it takes a page to run, but occasionally, you just have to live with the fact that a particular process isn't very snappy. In those cases, you can experience timeout errors in ASP. This is because the default amount of time IIS allows for an ASP page to complete its work is 90 seconds. Normally, that's plenty of time, but in some cases you need to adjust it, here's how:

Launch the Internet Services Manager, locate the Virtual Directory that contains your page; then right-click and choose Properties. Then, on the Virtual Directory tab, click the Configuration button. Next, on the App Options tab, enter a new timeout value in the ASP Script Timeout text box. Click OK twice and you're set.

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