Adobe PhotoShop - Let Your Paper Stock Be Your Guide To Choosing Image Resolutions In Photoshop (7/CS/CS2)

The paper you're having your piece printed on influences the resolution needs of your image. Paper tends to absorb ink that's applied to it, which causes halftone dots to spread and become larger after the ink is added. Printers call this effect dot gain. Thus, the more porous the paper is, the greater the dot gain, limiting the quality of the finished image. Paper with lesser dot gain can emulate higher detailed images. Three common types of paper are:

  1. Newsprint - Requires an image resolution of 85–100 ppi.
  2. Uncoated paper - Requires an image resolution of 266–300 ppi.
  3. Coated paper - Requires an image resolution of 300 ppi or more.

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