Corel WordPerfect - Enter Information On The Fly With Keyboard Merges

The most common type of merge involves two files--a form document and a data source. However, there's another type of merge that you can perform in WordPerfect. Known as a keyboard merge, this kind of merge only requires a form document. You'll type all of the custom information into the document directly from your keyboard, rather than inserting the information from a data source.

You'll find keyboard merges to be very useful for documents that follow the same format each time, but are created one at a time, such as award certificates or form letters. They're often easier to create than templates, but perform a similar function. When you need to customize one-of-kind letters, try this technique.

Merge from the keyboard

In this article, we'll show you how to create a keyboard merge. We'll walk you through the steps required to create a basic keyboard merge document. We'll create an office memo that contains three KEYBOARD commands that prompt the user for information. We'll also include a DATE command that automatically inserts the current date into the document. When we're finished, our sample memo will look like the one in Figure A. After we try a merge with our new document, we'll show you how to set up WordPerfect to ask the user if the merge should be repeated to create a second merge.

Creating the merge form

Let's create the basic memo form for our example. Open a new document window:

  1. Select Tools | Merge from the menu bar or press [Shift][F9]. In version 8 and 9, in the Merge dialog box
  2. Click Create Document. In version 10, click on the Form Document button and select Create Form Document from the dropdown list.
  3. Select the No Association option button in the Associate Form And Data dialog box and click OK.

We'll start by creating the letterhead for our memo. As you can see in Figure A, we entered a centered title, added a horizontal line by pressing [Ctrl][F11], and then began entering the information we needed for a memo. We only entered the text To:, From:, Date:, and Subject: into the document. The rest of what you see in Figure A was added with merge codes.

Internal Memo

To: KEYBOARD(Type the name of the memo recipient)

From: KEYBOARD(Type your name)

Date: DATE:

Subject: KEYBOARD(Type the memo subject)

Figure A: Our memo form prompts the user to enter data with merge codes but doesn't require a data file.

From:, Date:, and Subject: into the document. The rest of what you see in Figure A was added with merge codes.

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