Internet - Catching The WeatherBug: A Free, Internet-Enabled Weather Station

Brass and wood encased barometers, wind speed gauges, and Galileo thermometers (those sealed glass tubes containing floating bubbles) are all still very popular items among amateur meteorologists, weather fanatics, and ambitious parents and teachers. You can even purchase digital weather stations for our home if you aren't caught up in the nostalgia and aesthetics of the style of the original instruments. However, for those of us with thin wallets, these instruments often don't ever make it to the top of our shopping lists, whether they're made of brass or computer chips.

Fortunately, you don't have to nip your (or little Joe's) budding meteorological enthusiasm due to your budget constraints. This nifty little Web-based application can help you, your children, or your students learn about the weather by monitoring live, detailed local conditions, viewing animated weather maps, getting reliable weather forecasts and receiving up-to-date weather alerts for nearly anywhere in the United States.

Forecast, bright

To get things started, we'll show you how to choose your necessary advertiser. Next, we'll introduce you to the WeatherBug's interface and features, and we'll show you what you can expect to get from it. Since nothing is as unpredictable as the weather, there's also bound to be a few glitches (or, um ... bugs) with WeatherBug--so along the way we'll relay some troubleshooting tips our researchers have discovered.

Security and privacy:

To read how ASW addresses security and privacy concerns, such as the rumored presence of spyware included with WeatherBug (there isn't any), scroll to the bottom of the WeatherBug home page (, and click on the Privacy link.

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