Adobe PageMaker - Switch PageMaker Tools More Easily With Keyboard Shortcuts (6.5/7)

A fast and easy way to move from one tool to the next in PageMaker's toolbox is to use shortcut keys. For example, you can move up and down the left side of the toolbox by pressing [shift] [F1] for the Pointer tool, [shift] [F2] for the Rotating tool, and so on. To move up and down the right side of the toolbox, press [option] [shift] [F1] for the Text tool ([Alt] [Shift] [F1] in windows, and so on To toggle between a currently selected tool and a previously selected tool, press [command] [spacebar] ([Ctrl] [Spacebar] in Windows, and when you release the keys, you'll see that the previously selected tool is now active.

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