Microsoft Word - Save Frequently Used Address Information As An AutoText Entry (Word 97/2000/2001/2002)

When you're creating one-off letters, labels, and envelopes in Word, typing an addressee's name and address takes more than a few seconds. If you're a Microsoft Outlook 2002 user and the addressee is in your contacts list, you can simply type his or her name, click on the smart tag that automatically appears next to it, and choose Insert Address to add the corresponding contact information from Outlook. But if you don't use Outlook to manage your contacts (or if you use Office 2000 or earlier), you won't be able to take advantage of this feature. Instead, consider saving your most frequently used contacts' information as AutoText entries. Then you'll be able to insert their information in a jiffy.

First, type the addressee's name and address information on separate lines, just like you'd write it on an envelope. Next, select the entire address (including the addressee name) and press [Alt][F3]. Or, select Insert | AutoText | New. Word automatically assigns the addressee's complete address just by typing his or her name. If Word recognizes the AutoText entry, a yellow ScreenTip appears--just press [Enter] to insert the entire address. If Word doesn't display a ScreenTip, just press [F3] after you've finished typing the addressee's name ([command][option]V on the Mac). You can also insert the address from the AutoText dialog box by choosing Insert | AutoText | AutoText. Remember, you can use this timesaving trick to add addresses in the Envelopes And Labels dialog box as well as in your documents. This technique is also a handy way to store and enter your business address using your home computer and vice versa.

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