Quattro Pro - Getting Started With Quattro Pro

Welcome to Quattro Pro

Quattro Pro lets you create professional spreadsheet-based documents to help you manage data. It provides all the tools you need to produce tables, financial forms, lists, databases, charts, reports, or any other type of data-oriented document. With Quattro Pro, you can create a notebook that contains a single spreadsheet or an entire project, complete with spreadsheets, reports, and charts. A notebook is saved as a single file that you can publish to paper, electronic media, and the Web.

Quattro Pro does not limit you to a spreadsheet presentation. You can present your spreadsheet data in charts, or present only relevant information in dynamic CrossTab reports, which continually reflect the current state of the data they summarize. Once you enter data, you can edit the format and structure of your notebooks at any time.

Learning to use Quattro Pro

  • Using the documentation
  • Getting additional help
  • Accessing information on the Corel Web site
  • Using Web-based resources

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