Corel WordPerfect - Center Text Across Several Quattro Pro Columns (8/9/10)

You know how to center text within a cell. But sometimes you might need to center text across several columns, such as for a heading. The text might not appear centered if you just enter it in one of the cells above the data. And, if the column widths change, you'll have to move the text again. Instead, have Quattro Pro center the text across columns for you automatically. To do so, enter the text in the left most cell of the block. For example, if you want to center the text across columns B through F, enter the text in the appropriate row in column B. Next, select the cell containing the text as well as the adjacent cells in that same row for each column you want to center across. For example, if the text is in cell B7, select cells B7 through F7. Then, click on the arrow to the right of the Alignment button on the Property Bar and choose Center Across Block from the Contents Left to Right Across Selected Cells. (You can also choose Format | Selection (Format | Selection Properties in version 10) from the menu bar, click on the Alignment tab, select the Center Across Block option button and click OK.) Now the text appears centered across the columns you selected. To change the text, select the left-most cell of the centered block and then edit the text. To remove this alignment choice, select the block, open the Alignment Menu dropdown menu and choose General.

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