AutoCad - Choose Your PC3 Options

On the last page of the Add-A-Plotter Wizard, there are a couple of further options. Click the Calibrate Plotter button to calibrate the size of your output with the size of the geometry in your CAD file. This makes sure a circle looks like a circle and not an egg, and also ensures that objects print at the same size as in your CAD file in the event you need to print to scale.

Click the edit Plotter Configuration button to configure the settings in the PC3 file. Remember, the PC3 plotter configuration gives you more options than just the Windows System Printer drivers typically would. You can also return to the Plotter Configuration Editor to edit your plotter configuration any time by clicking on the PC3 file in Windows Explorer or by choosing the Properties button in the Plot dialog box.

The Plotter Configuration Editor allows you to change various settings not available in the Windows System Printer drivers. It also lets you change Windows System Printer settings differently for AutoCAD from the rest of your Windows programs. You can access additional settings using the Custom Properties node and button. The is also where you can access the Windows driver settings for system printers in addition to AutoCAD's own settings.

Creating custom pages sizes is one of the things you typically can't easily do with a system printer driver, as making custom page sizes is a lot easier with AutoCAD's built in printer drivers.

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