Internet - Setting Up Automatic Updates To Prepare For Service Pack 2 (Windows XP)

The easiest way to obtain SP2 is to set up Windows' Automatic Updates and have Microsoft download the sizable SP2 in stages to your machine. This saves you bandwidth and time, since SP2 can be quite large. Staging this download over multiple updates is your best bet.

To configure your computer to receive Automatic Updates, choose Start | Control Panel, click on Performance and maintenance (or simply double-click on System in Classic View), and then click on System. Choose the automatic Updates tab and select the Keep My Computer Up To Date check box. This activates the Settings area below. Select the last option button, Automatically Download The Updates, And Install Them on The Schedule That I Specify. Choose a duration and time when you know your computer will be turned on and connected to the internet, and then click OK. If you miss an update, Windows notifies you the next time you boot up by a Windows Update icon in your taskbar.

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