Microsoft FrontPage - Understanding The Difference Between Subwebs, Subsites, And Folders (FrontPage 2000/2002/2003)

When you create a website in FrontPage, you can stick all your HTML files, picture files, and other content in a single directory. Or you can create folders to organize your content. Or you can create subwebs (called subsites in FrontPage 2003).

So what's the difference between a folder and a subweb or subsite? Just like in Windows, a folder is simply a device for organizing content. The standard images folder FrontPage creates is a good example. You might also create a folder to hold downloadable files or back issues of your company's newsletter, for instance.

A subweb/subsite, on the other hand, is actually a complete separate site that's nested within your root web. Each subweb/subsite can have its own theme, its own navigation structure, and its own passwords. If you want to create a special, password-protected section of your company's Web site that your sales force can access, a subweb/subsite is the way to go. The easiest way to create one is to convert an existing folder. Just right-click on the folder in Folders view and choose Convert To Web from the shortcut menu.

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