Microsoft PowerPoint - End Text-Editing Frustration By Altering Your Text-Editing Colors

An obstacle many PowerPoint users run into when trying to edit a text box involves the default background edit color matching the default color of the highlighted text. The result of these PowerPoint mandated defaults is a blending of the text and the background so you can't see any of the changes you make to the text as you make them. Even if you haven't encountered this on any of your slides thus far, be fore warned that this obstacle is waiting in the wings for its inevitable and annoying debut.

Unfortunately, you can't simply pull up the Options dialog box and navigate to an option that allows you to choose your own background edit color for a text box. The good news is this poor color-coordination doesn't happen too frequently, and seems to have been eliminated entirely from occurring in PowerPoint 2002. Of course, if you have a presentation that you update on a regular basis and consistently have to contend with blind text editing, this comes as little comfort. Fortunately, there are remedies involving either the Slide Master or a single slide's background color that can put this obstacle out of your way for good.

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