MAC - Capture Your Screen From The Keyboard In Tiger (Tiger)

Many applications let you do sophisticated screen captures. However, you can do the basic captures using keyboard shortcuts in Tiger. Press [command][shift]3 to capture the whole screen. Press [command][shift]4 and draw a rectangle on the screen to capture a specific area. After pressing [command][shift]4, press the [spacebar] and move the cursor over a specific screen element. When the correct object is highlighted, click on it to capture it.

If you want to cancel the effect of pressing the [spacebar], press the [spacebar] again. To stop the screen capture process completely, press the [esc] key.

Files are saved on the desktop. To save the screen capture in the Clipboard, hold down the [control] key in addition to [command][shift]3 or [command][shift]4. To view the graphics on the Clipboard, choose Finder | Go | Applications | Preview and choose File | New From Clipboard. The Grab application offers additional options for capturing your screen, but the previous shortcuts work at any time.

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