AutoCad - Zoom

Follow the prompts displayed after the ZOOM command to view your drawing exactly how you wish. "ZOOM > All" adjusts the magnification of the drawing area to show all visible objects or the drawing limits set with the LIMITS command. "ZOOM > Extents" displays the maximum extent of all objects.

"ZOOM > Dynamic" pans and zooms using a rectangular view box. The view box represents your view, which you can shrink or enlarge and move around the drawing. Positioning and sizing the view box pans or zooms to fill the viewport with the view inside the view box. (This is not available in perspective projection.)

BONUS #1: If you have a mouse with a wheel, double-click the mouse wheel to activate Zoom Extents.

BONUS #2: Use the command VTENABLE to turn off smooth view transitions which occur during panning and zooming. Setting it to 0 (zero) turns it off for pan/zoom, rotation, and scripts.

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