Macromedia - Get Sharp Corners On Your Rectangles (5/MX)

Have you ever taken a close look at your rectangle's corners? You may have noticed that they're slightly rounded, but changing the roundness of the rectangle doesn't fix the problem. There's another way to fix this. Select the outline of your object using the Arrow tool, then choose Modify > Shape > Convert Lines To Fills. Reselect the outline and then select Modify > Straighten. Now your corners are nice and sharp!

Get rid of the hand icon (MX)

Are you sick of the pointer turning into a boring hand icon every time it hovers over a button? Flash MX and the Flash Player 6 offer a new property that turns off this default. To turn this off, simply add myButton.useHandCursor=false to your mouse event and the hand icon is no more. If you're using a custom pointer, you don't need to worry about it, as this property is turned off automatically.

Clean up your code with Auto Format (MX)

When trying to learn ActionScript, the best way to understand the code is to enter it line-by-line. However, mistakes happen and figuring out what's wrong can be a nightmare for a new user. To help clean up your ActionScript, use the Auto Format feature in Flash MX by selecting Auto Format from the Actions panel's pop-up menu. Flash then automatically formats the code to normal Flash standards of both spacing and color-coding. It won't fix bad code, but it will make most code neater and easier to follow.

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