Web Design - Developing A Standard Naming Convention

As you go about designing a site, a file or graphic's name is often just the first thing that pops into your head. But you'll be better served by establishing and adhering to a standard naming convention. For instance, you could append a bn or ad prefix to a graphic to indication that it's a banner ad. If you use thumbnails of images, you can use a tn prefix to identify the graphic.

The same goes for filenames. Establish a method of identifying a file by its name. For example, if you run a Web site like ours, you could develop a naming convention based on date for each page. The first three letters could signify the journal name, the next two numbers represent the year, the next number could denote the month, and the final number could correspond to the article number.

Using a naming convention is essential if you collaborate with other designers on projects. Without one, you'll spend an inordinate amount of time locating files.

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