Internet - Using Yahoo- Shortcuts

Shortcuts are special features designed to get answers quickly, without all the searching. Answer-based queries commonly focus on subjects such as definitions or facts, but as Yahoo! shows us, the direct answers don't stop there. Traffic reports for your town, local gas prices, maps, and hotels, in addition to traditional answers such as synonyms and definitions, are all just a click away if you know the right search shortcut. Check out the list below to find out how Yahoo! can make life easier for you with shortcuts. We used New York in our examples; just substitute your own city or keyword and imitate the form shown below (without quotations), and you'll be all set!

  • --"weather New York" provides your local forecast
  • --"pizza hut New York" provides a Yellow Pages listing
  • --"zip code New York" provides ZIP codes for the city specified
  • --"traffic New York" provides current road traffic conditions
  • --"synonym pejoritive" provides a synonym for the given word
  • --"yankees scores" provides the score for real-time or recently played sports by team
  • --"fedex Tracking#" provides status on packages shipped in the US via Federal Express
  • --"usps Tracking#" provides status on packages shipped in the US via the US Postal Service
  • --"New York hotels" provides a listing of hotels in the specified area
  • --"area code New York" lists which area codes belong to a given city

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