Microsoft Access - Quickly Copy Table Structures Through The User Interface (Access 97/2000/2002)

A short while ago we discussed using action queries to create a blank table that uses an existing table's structure. As mentioned in the tip, the query technique was intended to help those that need to provide an automated way of creating a table to reduce repetition or aid those unfamiliar with Access. However, many of you wrote in to point out the ease with which table structures can be manually copied. We've covered this before, but it seems as though it's good time to revisit the topic.

Copying a table structure is easy--it's just about as easy as copying and pasting text in word. First, select the table that has the structure you want to copy in the Database window. Then, choose Edit | Copy from the menu bar or use the familiar [Ctrl]C keyboard shortcut. Next, select Edit | Paste or press [Ctrl]V. Access now displays the Paste Table As dialog box. To create a new table with the same structure, enter a name in the Table Name text box, select the Structure Only option button and click OK. Note that if your database contains two tables with the same structure you can also use the Paste Table As dialog box to append data from one table to the other.

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