Microsoft Excel - Find All Occurrences Of A Word At Once (Excel 2002/2003)

In Excel 2002 and later, you can quickly locate and navigate to all instances of a particular character string. To do so, choose Edit | Find from the menu bar or press [Ctrl]F to launch the Find And Replace dialog box. Then, enter the text you want to find in the Find What text box. Finally, click the Find All button. The dialog box expands to show a list of all the found matches. Clicking on the items in the list selects the relevant cell, which is especially handy when working with large worksheets. Another plus is that you aren't just limited to finding occurrences in the current worksheet--you can search an entire workbook. To do so, click the Options button on the Find And Replace dialog box. Then, choose Workbook from the Within dropdown list and click Find All.

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