Microsoft FrontPage - Quickly Publish Changed Pages In FrontPage 2002

If you need to make a quick change to your Web, you can bypass FrontPage's Publish Web command. To do so, save the document you've edited; then right-click on its name in FrontPage's Folders view, the Folder List, or a report that lists your files, such as All Files or Slow Files. When you choose the command, the Publish Destination dialog box opens. Assuming you've published the Web before, the correct destination URL.

Click OK, and the Enter Network Password dialog box appears, prompting you for your username and password. When you click OK in that dialog box, FrontPage quickly publishes the page or pages you had selected just before choosing the Publish Selected Files command.

Then next time you invoke the command in the same editing session, FrontPage won't prompt you for your username and password. All you'll have to do is respond to the Publish Destination dialog box. (Unfortunately, there's no way to avoid that step.)

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