SQL Server Solutions - SQL Server 2005 Brings WMI Data And Events To Your DTS Packages (SQL Server 2005)

Data Transformation Services (DTS) has been completely redesigned from the ground up for SQL Server 2005. Along the way, you'll acquire a number of new types of DTS tasks. Two of the most interesting allow you to tap into the power of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). The WMI Data task gives you access to the current values of WMI properties throughout its hundreds of classes. For instance, your DTS packages now has a way to determine at run-time that SQL Server is, in fact, running, or that a D: drive exists on the target computer, or that it has sufficient disk space for a table dump.

The WMI Event task is similar, except that it works by leveraging system events that WMI exposes. For instance, a task can idle, transferring control to the next DTS task only when memory usage falls below a certain threshold or when a needed file has actually been created on a local drive. These two new task types can bring dramatic new avenues of control and responsiveness to your DTS packages.

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