Active Server - Increase Performance By Avoiding Unnecessary Logging

Capturing information about which of your ASP pages are accessed when and by whom, in addition to any number of other metrics, can be essential for running a reliable and secure Web site. But logging can go too far. When every possible ounce of performance matters, you might want to consider whether to log the activity in particular directories of your Web site. For example, if your site uses many images, and if these images are all stored in a common directory, there's really very little justification for logging each and every image access request on your Web server. Keeping track of this kind of information not only takes up disk space, but it also has a measurable effect on performance. Through small, this performance impact can add up if your site uses many thousands of images or experiences very heavy traffic.

To make this change, launch the Internet Services manager. Drill down to the directory for which you'd like to stop logging request. Right-click on the directory, and then choose Properties. In the resulting dialog box, deselect the Log Visits check box, and then click OK. For a production Web site, the information you're sacrificing isn't particularly useful anyway, and your server will get a performance boost in the process.

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