Active Server - Learn ASP.NET By Example With New, Complete Sample Applications From Microsoft

Microsoft has released a new series of end-to-end sample applications to demonstrate principles of ASP.NET application development and best practices. These are great learning tools for programmers new to ASP.NET, and can be found at There are several different applications, each representing a common business application for the Web. They include the following:

  • * The Time Tracker Starter Kit demonstrates a time-tracking and project management application.
  • * The Reports Starter Kit shows how to build dynamic reports in various formats using real data from a SQL Server of other data source.
  • * The Community Starter Kit allows you to create a community-oriented site for news, resources, or events, photos, and more.
  • * The Commerce Starter kit provides a skeleton for building an Internet storefront, complete with ASP.NET implementations of shopping carts, product catalogs, and order submission.
  • The Portal Starter Kit illustrates how to build dynamic portal applications with pluggable portal modules.

All the source code is available for your use, free of charge, and you can learn a lot from examining it. You can even run live versions of the starter kits online before you download them.

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