Corel WordPerfect - Add A Slide Transition To Several Presentations Slides At The Same Time (8/9/10/11)

You can add a slide transition to an individual slide by choosing Format | Slide Properties | Transition form the menu bar and selecting the options in the Slide Properties dialog box. But, if you use the same type of transition for several slides in a presentation, there's an easier way to apply the transition. First, switch to the Slide Sorter view by clicking on the Slide Sorter tab on the right side of the window or by choosing View | Slide Sorter from the menu bar. Select the slides that you want to apply the transition to. If the slides are consecutive, click on the first slide, hold down the [Shift] key, and click on the last slide to be included. When you do, all of the slides between the first and last slide are selected. To select non-consecutive slides, hold down the [Ctrl] key and click on the slides to be included. Then, select a transition. You can either choose one from the Slide Transition dropdown list on the Property Bar or open the Slide Properties dialog box and set the transition, speed, and direction options and click OK. Now, the selected slides have the same transition applied.

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