Microsoft Excel - Simplify Moving Related Objects On A Worksheet (Excel 97/2000/v. X/2002/2003)

You can add some fairly elaborate graphical elements to a worksheet using Excel's various drawing tools. For instance, you can construct custom flow charts using AutoShapes and arrow objects, annotate a chart using callout shapes, or overlay WordArt and shapes to identify a worksheet's key sections. Unfortunately, a graphical masterpiece you've created can cause headaches if you find that you need to move it. Moving an intricate flowchart becomes a tedious reconstruction effort of moving and realigning each piece--unless you take advantage of Excel's ability to group objects. Once grouped, the objects can be repeatedly moved and formatted as a single entity.

To create a group, hold down the [Shift] key and click on the individual items you want grouped. Then, open the Draw menu on the Drawing toolbar and choose Group (if the toolbar isn't visible, choose View | Toolbars | Drawing from the menu bar). You're still able to format or manipulate an individual item in the group if you need to. Simply click once on the group, wait a moment, and then click on the individual object. To ungroup the objects, simply click on the group, open the Draw menu, and choose Ungroup. Note that you aren't limited to grouping drawing shapes. You can also create groups that incorporate things such as charts, diagrams, and embedded Word objects.

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