Microsoft Office 2003 - Copying And Pasting A Linked Table (Access 2003)

There are a few new options for copying and pasting linked tables in Access 2003. When you select a linked table in your database, press [Ctrl]C to copy it, and then press [Ctrl]V to paste it in another database. Access displays the Paste Table As dialog box, which offers you four choices in the Paste Options panel.

  • * Linked Table: This option basically copies the table as is, with the link intact.
  • * Structure Only (Local Table): This option copies the structure of the table without the link, making it a local table instead.
  • * Structure And Data: This option copies the full table and its data as a local copy in the new database.
  • * Append Data To Existing Table: This option takes the data in the table and adds it to the data of another selected table.

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