Microsoft Word - Stop Text From Wrapping Around Objects With A Text Wrapping Break (Word 2000/2002)

Word's wrapping options make it easy to wrap text around a graphic or table in many different ways. Unfortunately, these options don't always behave as you'd like them to. For instance, imagine you've inserted a picture in your document and applied it the Tight wrapping setting, so your document text wraps tightly around all sides of the picture. Although you want to allow a particular paragraph's first few sentences to wrap around the picture, you want the rest of the paragraph to continue below the picture. Instead of entering a string of hard or soft line breaks (which will ultimately clutter your document), you can use a text wrapping break to move the rest of the paragraph below the picture. First, position the insertion point where you want the text to stop wrapping around the picture. Next, choose Insert | Break from the menu bar, select the Text Wrapping Breaking option, and then click OK.

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