Quark XPress - Avoid Hand Collating Your Projects (5/6)

To print two or more copies of a layout so that they output with all pages in the correct order for binding, you must collate them. If you print five copies of a layout and select the Collate check box, QuarkXPress prints one complete copy of the layout before beginning the second copy. If Collate is deselected, QuarkXPress prints five copies of the first page, then five copies of the second page, and so on. You'll then have to manually place them in sequential order, which can be time-consuming or cost you extra money if you have the print vendor do it.

To collate your project, choose File > Page Setup to display the Print dialog box. Next, type the number of copies that you wish to print in the Copies text box. Then, click on the Layout tab and select the Collate check box. Finally, click Print when finished.

When you select the Collate check box, QuarkXPress sends a layout to the printer as though you were executing more than one Print command, so it will take longer to print than noncollated copies.

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