Novell NetWare - Novell Small Business Suite (NSBS) 6.5 Products SP2 Overlay CD Available (NSBS 6.5)

The Novell Small Business Suite (NSBS) 6.5 products SP2 Overlay CD is now available free for download from Novell's Web site. This CD lets you create a new CD that installs NSBS 6.5 along with the NetWare 6.5 server Support Pack 2. To download the software, check out TID 2969184 in Novell's Knowledgebase. The file is approximately 554 MB, so take that into consideration relative to your download connection speed and hard drive space available. The filename is NSBS65prodsp2.exe. According to Novell, you'll also need the NetWare 6.5 OS Support Pack 2 Overlay CD to be able to complete an install, as the NSBS Overlay CD isn't bootable. You can get this file through TID 2969163.

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