Computer Support - Is Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Right For Your Customer? (Microsoft Windows 2000, XP)

If your customer is a medium-sized enterprise that needs a way of managing security updates for Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you should look at Windows Serve Update Services (WSUS). Software Update Services, part of the Strategic Technology Protection Program (STPP) will dynamically notify you of critical updates to Windows computers. WSUS will automatically distribute those updates to your corporate Windows desktops and servers.

Advantages of WSUS, according to Microsoft, include:

  1. An administrator-controlled content synchronization service within the intranet.
  2. An intranet-hosted Windows Update server.
  3. Administrator control over updates.
  4. Automatic updates on computers (desktops or servers).

If WSUS sounds like a viable option, visit for more details.

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