Corel WordPerfect - Save Formatting Time By Copying Cell Attributes Along With Data In Quattro Pro (8/9/10)

In a run of the mill copy procedure, only the cell contents are copied. Resetting the column and row settings for the copied data can be tedious. Fortunately, Quattro Pro's Model Copy feature can save you a lot of time and trouble. During the copy process, you can select which attributes you wish to include with the data.

To use this feature, first select the block that you want to copy. Then, choose Edit > Copy Cells from the menu bar. In the Copy Cells dialog box, the From text box contains the address of the selection. Use the Pointer button to the right of the To text box and select the destination. You can select just the upper-left corner of the destination range or the entire block. Select the Model Copy check box in the Copy Cells dialog box and the options you need to copy below it. Click OK and Quattro Pro pastes the cell attributes along with the data.

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