Microsoft Office 2003 - Prevent Users From Resizing Forms (Access 2003)

By default, users' Access forms are resizable. However, there are times when you want to restrict users from changing a form's dimensions. Fortunately, doing so is easy. Just change the form's Border Style property from its default of Sizable to any of the other choices. The selection you make affects other aspects as well, as described below:

  • None: The form doesn't have a title bar, so there are no Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons. You'll probably want to create a custom method for closing the form. Also, the form can't be moved.
  • Thin: All of the usual form elements are available, but the form can't be resized.
  • Dialog: The Minimize and Maximize buttons are unavailable. On older Windows operating systems, the border appears slightly thicker than usual, but there's no real discernible difference if you use the Windows XP style interface.

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