Microsoft Windows XP - Locate This XML File And Choose The Right Backup Feature

Windows XP's System Restore feature is an excellent first step for replacing system files Registry entries that were corrupted by a virus or bad driver. It won't back up and replace user files, such as Favorites, or data files with extensions like .jpg or .doc. Before you use System Restore to replace the existing registry with an old one, for example, you might want to determine exactly which file types System Restore will replace and which it will ignore.

Fortunately, Windows XP stores a file named FileList.xml in which it lists all the extensions System Restore recovers. You can view the list from any Windows XP computer as long as you log in to the PC as a user with access to the system files.

To view the System Restore extension list:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and select Tools | Folder Options and select the View tab.
  2. Deselect the Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommend) check box (if selected) and click OK.
  3. In the resulting Warning dialog box, click OK, and then click OK to close the Folder Options dialog box.
  4. Navigate to %systemroot%system32 estore (%systemroot% is often C:Windows) and double-click the file FileList.xml.

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