Active Server - Help! My ASP Session or Application Variables Have Disappeared!

Suppose you're working with an ASP Web application that depends upon Session or Application variables and all of a sudden you realize they've disappeared. What can cause this?

For Session variables, the most common cause is that the Session has expired. You can configure an entire Web site as well as individual Web applications with their own Session expiration time limits. The default is 20 minutes. If the user leaves a browser idle for that long--poof!--his Session variables will be destroyed.

For Application variables, this usually happens if the Web site has been stopped and restarted, if the Web server itself has been stopped and restarted, or if the Global.asa file for the Web application has been changed. Since the first two would usually result in the entire application being unavailable, check the last modified date of Global.asa to see if a fellow developer has made a change without telling you. You'd be surprised how often this happens

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