Corel WordPerfect - Keep Row And Column Headings Visible While Scrolling In A Quattro Pro Spreadsheet (9/10/11/12)

When scrolling in a large Quattro Pro notebook, it can be difficult to remember what kind of data is in each row or column once the headings have scrolled off the screen. To make it easier, you can lock the column and row headings on the screen and then scroll. This option is only available in Draft view. If necessary, switch to Draft view by choosing View | Draft View from the menu bar. Then, select the top-left cell in the area that you want to remain moveable. Every column to the left and any rows above the selected cell will be frozen or locked on the screen. Now, choose View | Locked Titles. Blue lines indicate the edges of the locked area and the scrollable area. The cells in the locked title area can still be edited. If the Locked Titles feature is on when the notebook is saved, the title settings are saved with the notebook. To unlock the titles, choose View | Locked Titles.

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