Microsoft Word - Print An Envelope Without Printing Its Attached Letter (Word 97/2000/2002/v. X/2003)

It's easy to attach an envelope to a letter or other Word document by choosing Tools | Envelopes And Labels from the menu bar and selecting the Envelopes tab. (In Word 2002, select Tools | Letters And Mailings | Envelopes And Labels. In v. X, simply choose Tools | Envelopes from the menu bar.) Format the envelope to your specifications and click Add To Document to attach it to the beginning of the current document. (In v. X, select the Insert This Envelope Into The Active Document check box and click OK.)

If you've ever attempted to print the envelope without printing the document that it's attached to, you've probably learned that if you print only page 1 (assuming that's the envelope) Word prints the first page of your letter or document, not the envelope. You could always tell Word to print the first section of your document, which houses the attached envelope, but there's an even easier way to print just the envelope.

When you attach an envelope to a document, Word considers the envelope as page 0, not page 1. To print the envelope alone, choose File | Print from the menu bar, select the Pages option button, and then enter 0 in the corresponding text box. (In v. X, choose the From option button, and then enter 0 in the From and To text boxes.) Click OK (Print in v. X), and Word prints your envelope without printing the document it's attached to.

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