Visual Basic - Visual Studio .NET Gives You The Power To Collapse Portions Of Your Code In The Code Designer (VB.NET)

When working with code in VB .NET, you'll notice small plus and minus signs in the margin next to the code. These icons allow you to expand and collapse various sections of the VB .NET system code. However, VB .NET didn't keep this little feature to itself. It allows you to place your custom code in collapsible regions as well. To do so, use your mouse to select a portion of your VB code. Then, place the mouse cursor over the selected region and click the right mouse button. Finally, select Outlining| Hide Selection from the resulting pop-up menu. Visual Studio will place the code in a collapsible region. You can re-expand the region by clicking on the plus icon. To keep track of what-s in the region, place a comment on the line next to the plus or minus icon.

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