Web Development - Expert Tips For Crating HTML Emails

Since most modern email clients have the ability to display emails as full HTML documents instead of plain text, there's no reason not to take advantage of this new option. When you do create HTML emails, however, keep these following tips in mind:

  • The offer's landing pages should be designed in a clean, yet inviting way. Limit graphics. Design is key. As you know, designing for the Web is different than designing for print. Make sure your design maps to the medium.
  • Integrate the look and feel of your Web site in the message's design. The more your email ties in with your Web site, the more comfortable and familiar it will appear to its recipients.
  • Keep it simple. Concentrate on one topic at a time, and don't use complex HTML tags, Flash, nested tables, or JavaScript.
  • Send multiple formats. You should have a version created just for AOL, a text version, and a HTML version.
  • Use tables to organize information. Stack multiple tables to keep things neat; don't nest tables within tables. While many email clients will accept HTML emails, CSS support is still spotty.

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