Adobe Illustrator - Import Excel Data To Create Graphs More Easily In Illustrator (9/10.x)

Rather than entering a lot of data in by hand, you can just import a text file of your data that you generate from Excel. To do this, open a spreadsheet in excel

  • Choose File > Save As. From the format pop-up menu
  • Select Text (Tab Delimited).
  • Name and save your file.
  • To use the file in Illustrator, select the Graph tool of your choice from the Toolbox
  • Click on your document.
  • In the Graph dialog box, enter the desired width and height.
  • Then, click OK.
  • In the resulting dialog box, click the Import Data button and navigate to the text file you exported from Excel.
  • Click Import (Open in Windows) to bring the data into Illustrator. Then, click the Apply button to build the graph.

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